Our hearts are traveling faster

Oh the joys of life as a pet owner. My buddy Wes and I have been trading pictures of our cats over IM, and Luke and I have been discussing dogs. Non-pet people don’t understand why this would be a worthwhile discussion after midnight on a Monday morning, but those of you who house and love animals know the truth.

Princess Emerald Louise
Emma knows that the media pay her mommy, and her mommy buys her food.

Contessa Topaz Jealous
Tessa is really my dog. Don’t tell Heather.

Lady Lilly Ann
“Lemme outside! Now! Now! Now!” Lilly thinks you don’t understand unless she says it thrice.


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2 Responses to Our hearts are traveling faster

  1. I just copy edited one of my blog posts. I’m-so-lame.

  2. You are the luckiest pet owner ever! Three adorable wonders!

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