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Tuscaloosa decided to hire the other girl for the reporting position. I found out today, and just for the record, I am extremely proud of how professional I was when they told me. (I even smiled. Can you believe that?)

They said she had more “depth reporting” experience, and they really wanted that on this beat. (I haven’t read her stuff outside of the article she wrote on her interview and the stuff she did during her internship as our Washington correspondent, so I don’t know.)

Yeah, I’m irritated. I knew it was coming (I’m smart like that) but I’m irritated. And my first instinct is to turn in my two weeks notice, but I’m more rational than that. I do need to consider how long I want to stay here in a temp position doing something that I really don’t like (it’s hard to schedule job interviews around this crazy schedule, after all) but I’m not going to do anything rash and I’m really not going to do anything until after my interview in Texas next week.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, they DID tell me “well if you change your mind and decide you want to be a copy editor full time, let us know.” They keep RAVING about how good I am at it. (I’m actually a terrible copy editor, I’m a pretty decent designer I guess.) Whatever.

On with the show.

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