Protected: and every other girl would fly away

At long last, somebody is recognizing my true worth and flying me out to a job interview. 🙂

I’ve never been flown to an interview before! I’m so excited!

I’ll be in Amarillo (yes, Amarillo. Yes, Texas.) October 24 and 25, I believe (details to be arranged tomorrow). I’m interviewing at the newspaper, and they have openings for a features writer, cops reporter and general assignment reporter.

I’m also hoping Jackson will actually call my references (but since it’s been almost a week since they called me already, I’m not holding my breath), and I’m applying for a job at the company where my friend Kristen works (which has FL and DC locations).

The real question is, where does Emma want to live next?

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  1. Emma

    i want to live in houston

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