I am not overly concerned

My right tonsil is swollen, and I’ve woken myself up twice already tonight with coughing. And cough drops don’t really help because of it being a tonsil thing (at least, I guess that’s why). I almost want to stay awake because I don’t cough quite as much when I’m awake. And webmd.com says I need to go to the doctor, but my lack of insurance suggests otherwise. Oh man.


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  1. are there no free clinics in tuscaloosa?

  2. Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

    Seriously, though. Eat some soup, get some rest. It’s a bye week.

  3. Hope you get to feeling better.

  4. Umm. Is this gone yet? Because it really needs to git.

  5. Carla Jean

    Just almost! I’m running at about 90% I think … still have a cough, the tonsil is still swollen, but I’m not running a fever anymore and my dayquil/nyquil routine mostly keeps things in check.

  6. Cheryl (little sister)

    hey man… i saw the title: I am not overly concerned
    and it got a counting crows song stuck in my head (anna begins)
    “she tells me its all or nothing
    i am not worried
    i am not overly concerned
    my friends implored me
    for one time only
    make this connection
    i am not worried (if its love)”

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