Every Bama man’s behind you, hit your stride

I seem to take pictures less frequently in my old age (I really think it’s because Alisa’s not here anymore — I took a crapload when we were roommates). So I don’t have a lot to memorialize this weekend’s football game, but here they are … basking in the reflected glory of a ‘Bama win.

Warm ups and stuff … just because I like crimson.

go seminoles!
Go Seminoles! I always wear my FSU hat to the biggest Alabama games because I always wore my Alabama hat to the Florida–Florida State games. And well, Philip isn’t a bama fan, so what do you expect? (I insisted we take this picture before the game started in case I was in a bad mood later. That proved unnecessary.)

This was just before we rammer jammered the hell out of them. 🙂 Final score

rammer jammer
Decided to take pictures at Innisfree – this is with one of the Chrises. (How do you spell Chris when it’s plural? It wouldn’t be Chris’s, ’cause that’s possessive.) I should’ve got a pic with the other one, too, but I guess he’s always there. :shrug: Actually, I guess I only took this picture at innisfree. Oh well. He went to my parents’ high school.


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  1. alisa

    i want to comment but i know cant. and i just did. tee hee.

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