I knew that triple latte meant that Taylor loved me too

Copy editing has sucked the life out of me.

I suppose I’ve adjusted a bit — I’m more cheerful around the newsroom than I was when I first began (10 weeks ago!). But the schedule continues to kill me, and I don’t make it any easier on myself by committing myself to these insane obligations.

I left work just before midnight Sunday. That’s an almost nightly occurence. But on that particular night, an hour-long drive to Birmingham awaited. (I needed to be in Atlanta the next day, and I figured I might as well make use of those too-wound-up post-work minutes by driving 60 miles closer to my destination.) I crashed at my aunt’s house around 1 a.m.

Morning came too quickly. After mashing snooze several times, I crawled out of bed at 6:12 a.m. and trusted a hot shower to bring me to a state suitable for driving.

That didn’t exactly work.

I fixed my hair and make up, then put my sweats and Virginia Tech t-shirt back on for the drive to the ATL. (Why get all sweaty and wrinkled in my cute interview clothes, right?) I stopped by O’Henry’s for coffee (in my O’Ho’s travel mug!) and a muffin, then set the cruise control for as fast as I could safely travel.

I didn’t feel awake until I crossed the Georgia state line. That’s probably not the safest way to drive.

I spent the day in Atlanta interviewing (one job, one informational) and hanging out with one of my college roommates. After dinner, she and I, and her husband, crashed on their cozy leather couches in front of several episodes of Friends. I fell asleep on the couch with a cat on my stomach before 9 p.m. Eastern.

Yeah. I was tired.

I moved to my bedroom and read a while before turning in for 10 luxurious hours of sleep. Then at 8:55 a.m. my alarm jerked me awake. For the second day in a row, I was confused as to where I was and why exactly I had to wake up. (That’s never a good way to start the day.)

This morning seems like days ago.

I tried the hot shower thing again, to no avail. I was clean but still exhausted (and battling a serious headache). After lunch with another friend, I grabbed a grande latte from Starbucks and headed out of town.

I finished the latte at about mile marker 198 in Alabama, and pulled off at exit 185 for another. (With that information, you’ll certainly understand the upcoming redesign and renaming of this blog.)

And at 2:30 central, I returned to Tuscaloosa and to work, where I quickly grabbed some painkillers and hot tea to keep me from dying at my desk.

I’m scattered and basically wandering through life in a daze right now. I’m not in a good place, but I’m not in a bad bad place, either.

I’m just burned out, and I don’t have energy for much more than watching Friends and drinking lots and lots of coffee.


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5 Responses to I knew that triple latte meant that Taylor loved me too

  1. “Copy editing has sucked the life out of me”

    That’s about right. If you don’t like it (old man Patrick says you’re not keen on it, I think), then get to something else quick, before it sucks out your soul, too. (I think lattes help fend off soul-sucking. Honest.)

    Luckily my soul is mighty mighty, or else I’d be some withered, bitter shell of Lindsay Durango. The life was sucked, but you can always get that back. I’ve got day shift now, and design work aplenty, so I’m well on my way to post-night shift recovery.

    Now, not to say that there isn’t anything redeeming about copy desk work. Just that, if you’re not already inclined to it, don’t go wasting your time.

    And so to that interview: Can’t wait for the update. Cheering you on over here.

  2. luke

    someday you should start cutting back on your coffee intake. but today isn’t that day.

  3. Small town Texas has sucked the life out of me to the point that I’ll go to copy editing if it gets me out of here. Scary.
    Oh, and Wal-Mart is jacking up the prices on water here as people snag it in advance of the hurricane. Wal-Mart is eeeeeeeeeeeevillllllll. Good thing I got my water yesterday.

  4. Wow, that’s a marthon! I’m with Lindsay in rooting for your occupational happiness.

    Let’s hope it comes soon. Heard anything from the T-News about the open spot in news?

  5. Carla Jean

    Do you see why I like your girlfriend? Not only is her blog fun to read, but she leaves really good comments.

    I will tell you about the news spot later on, not on blog comments.

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