It’s getting hot in here…

When you live this far inland, a hurricane-turned-tropical-storm is the perfect time to catch up on your reading and writing.

My roommate was convinced our house wasn’t safe to stay in last night, and I was nervous too after checking hte tropical storm and tornado watches. I found myself a spare bedroom, created a storm shelter for my cat and took off.

(A sidenote: I’ve really got to relax a little. I spent way too much time worrying about my cat last night. I couldn’t take her with me, so I shut the hall door and closed off the other end with a mattress. I knew the space wasn’t big enough for the mattress to fall and suffocate her, but I worried that the class plates could fall off the wall, or she would tear up the mattress in an attempt to get out, or that she’d just get lonely. Of course, none of that happened, except maybe the lonely part.)

My phone died early in the night, so I had no idea what time it was when I started writing or when I went to bed. (It didn’t occur to me until I was in bed to find a clock elsewhere in the apartment.) But I managed to fill something like six journal pages and a sheet of notebook paper, so it was a good night, even as high strung as I was.

I was woken this morning by the power cutting on and off — printers are pretty loud when that happens! I brushed my teeth and wandered home to assess the damage (or lack thereof). We had plenty of limbs down but the trees were all standing, as far as I could tell. My cat was fine but glad to see me. Our power was definitely out, though (and as far as I know, it still is).

Our hot water heater is the only thing in the house on the gas line, so I showered in the dark and then fixed my face on the front porch (where it was MUCH cooler). I’m at Crimson now (where it’s also hot, but there’s power and I can charge my cell phone!), but I’m gonna take off here in a bit ’cause I’m kind of bored.

Here’s hoping that our power comes back before the end of the day…

oh! and today is my first day off in a week! Too bad there’s nothing to do, but at least I’m not at work! Rock on.

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