How could I forget? Momma said, ‘Think before speaking’

I need you to remind me to stop complaining about work all the time.

It’s not that it doesn’t suck — it totally does. I wanted to quit at least three times last night (and therefore sent out three text messages asking friends to remind me not to quit… ’cause well, that’s counter-productive. and because sending text messages somehow makes the job less lonely). But whining about it all the time doesn’t make it suck less, it just makes me less enjoyable to be around.

So can you help me remember that? please?

And on a similiar note (crap, how do you spell similiar? is that right? And did you know that “crapulous” or however it was spelled is a word? it basically means hungover, which means I don’t have much cause to use it. but it made me laugh really hard. this is why word of the day calendars are awesome.) Oh. right, that similiar note: I am off work today and tomorrow and so I’m going to go do… something. I already had breakfast with Katie (yay! Katie’s my favorite) which involved much discussion of… everything, because we’re crazy. But now everyone is working or in school or whatever, so I’m going to have some good CJ time. Even though that’s not what I want, ’cause that’s all I feel like I ever get anymore ’cause I work when normal people are free. But whatever.

Somehow typing all this out makes it feel less lonesome. Well, and I really DO want y’all to remind me to stop being a big baby. I don’t like who I become in these circumstances. I don’t want to be her. She’s not a very nice girl. And she mutters cuss words under her breath when pictures don’t fit on the page she wants. Which is really silly.

As is this entry.

Bye bye!


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4 Responses to How could I forget? Momma said, ‘Think before speaking’

  1. Step 1: Go to this site.

    Step 2: Download music clip.

    Step 3: Listen to music clip.

    Step 4: Repeat Step 3 as needed.

  2. Carla: If you go back to when I was a co-op and when I was first employed, I hated my job and bitched about it endlessly. Now look at me.

    Chin up, sister.

  3. you know i am convinced that this is just what happens to newly graduated first jobers… i mean think about it we are not used to havening a career. we are used to the luxurous lifestyle of time and people all around us all the time. are time is in our courts and regulated but us. the career however takes up our time, tells us what we are to be doing and when we are doing and makes us do it with people we do not choose or in other cases by ourselves. it takes us away from our friends and our own routine and makes do something else… our reward… it comes with whatever satisfaction we found in the career in the first place and well and money. for most of us thats it… and that comes at a high price for me atleast it does. i valued my friends family and freedom alot more than money. but hey we do live in this world and in this world we have bills… so i think once we take time to get used to this new routine we start to adjust. then we figure out how to balance all of it out and regain out own routines (slightly altered)… yea so thats what i think. lol. im going through the same thing friend, only i am quitting but thats just to relocate. and dislike it somewhere else. but hey you are right thinking about the neg only brings more neg. so cheer up your not the only one out there that feels this way. we can all think positive together. hows that for a comment.

  4. sorry about all the typo’s i know you hate that lol. i was typing fast.

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