Protected: It’s alright ’cause I’m moving on

I’m feeling better — still disappointed — but better.

Here’s the deal. Yesterday one of the “big bosses” called me into his office to talk about my current job. (For those of you who have missed it, I’m copy editing and designing right now instead of reporting. And I want to report.) So I was putting the positive spin on things — you know, “It’s making me a more well-rounded journalist” and “Though I really want to be on the other side of the newsroom, I want to do the best I possibly can and learn all I’m able over here.”

And then he drops the bomb.

Apparently two or more reporters will have to leave before they hire one replacement.

What?! Why have I been told all along that they would love to hire me if something would just open up? Why am I just NOW finding out that it’s really TWO somethings that would have to open up?

This is all made worse by the fact that they’ve hired people since I began there. They came after me, but I got a temp job and they’re full time. That’s discouraging.

And I was also just feeling so hopeful the day before… the girl who I initially came to fill in for is looking very much like she’s going to leave. I was just saying I could stick it out on the copy desk for a while if I knew that job was waiting for me.

So yeah, this sucks. But I’m still job hunting, and something will happen somewhere. I mean, it COULD happen here still. It’s just more unlikely than I ever thought.

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