If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by?

So I’m not in love with my job right now. The hours, more than anything, are wearing on me, but I really miss writing too. Anyway, I have determined that I need to do my very best, even while I hope that they find me a reporting position or else I find a job somewhere else. (I need you to remind me of this, though.)

To that end, we made a list tonight of things for me to do during the daytime, since I work 2:30 – 11:30 p.m. Or well, it started off as daytime, but then it grew to include overarching goals, some of which were written by friends after they’d ingested multiple drinks and/or pitchers of beer. But I think I’ll attempt them anyway.

* Find a dance class
* PARA stuff? (parks and recreation authority… sometimes they have fun class type things… like belly dancing!)
* Volunteer somewhere, but not at the animal shelter
* Guitar lessons
* Coffee shops (of course)
* Write a book
* Drink beer straight from pitcher
* Read football for dummies
* Pick up men at the law library
* Go on three dates in one month (any takers? this is a project-level task!)
* Do something daring no one would expect

Ready? …and GO.


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4 Responses to If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by?

  1. Apryl Marie

    You’re the cutest! I love that some of your goals are my goals and they’re so odd (ie go on 3 dates, except mines every week; I don’t want to play guitar but I’d love to try the piano etc). Anyway like I’ve said before we’re in that where is my life going, what am I doing phase of life. Like everything this too shall pass.

    How US is this?
    So no one told you life was gonna be this way [four claps]
    Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D.O.A.
    It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear
    When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, but

    I’ll be there for you
    (When the rain starts to pour)
    I’ll be there for you
    (Like I’ve been there before)
    I’ll be there for you
    (‘Cause you’re there for me too)

  2. _steve

    I’d go on one date with you.

  3. Carla Jean

    hahah! and we would have a damn good time on our one date!

  4. Andrew Nickerson

    Carla Jean,

    I know how you feel about your hours but that’s like a sports writer job except that they don’t leave their messy (I mean messy) desks until like 1 a.m. so that’s what I’ll go through with for the next couple of years. But way to be productive on your list there. Anyway, take care!

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