She’ll let you in her heart if you’ve got a hammer and a vice

I spent a lot of time this weekend with two of my favorite Florida State alumni, and a good deal of that time was spent discussing what we (well, what one of us) want out of life. Heather is trying to decide what’s next for her (besides living in Starkville), and in doing that she’s weighing how those options affect “the rest of her life” — marriage, kids, that kind of thing.

It’s hard to plan around something that you don’t have, though.

Anyway, that got me thinking — what do I want out of my life? That’s a hard question to answer at 24… sometimes I still feel like a little kid! But here’s a laundry list of things that crossed my mind:

Marriage (someday)
A kid or two
A pug (Emma needs a playmate)
Maybe write a book (non-fiction)
Learn how to play guitar
Get a job in Birmingham (that’s on the list to do within the next five years)
Visit a total of 25 states before I turn 25 (I’m at 21 and I have 11 months and two weeks to go… anyone up for a road trip?)
Buy a house and paint the kitchen red
Learn how to grill (although my current method of making guys do it has proven successful in the past)
Freelance enough to actually make a little bit of money off of it
Go to another country
Enjoy my career — and I won’t be any more specific than that at this point, ’cause I don’t really know where it’s going
Buy a kayak or canoe
Go back to Arizona
Develop deep relationships with fellow believers (that’s sort of a continual thing)
Take dance classes
Fully enjoy my 20s for all they’re worth, crazy as they seem (that’s a short term goal all right!)
Learn about national politics enough to make informed decisions
Visit my parents more often
Learn how to diagram a sentence
Put money into a 401(k)
See my little brother grow up (I like watching my sisters grow up too, but they’re a LOT closer in age to me!)

…I think that’s enough goals for now…


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3 Responses to She’ll let you in her heart if you’ve got a hammer and a vice

  1. Rae

    Buy a house and paint the kitchen red

    Funny, we just did the first and we’re about to do the second. (First, we have to remove the hideous green-and-white checkered wallpaper the previous owners had up, though. UGH!)

  2. alisa

    If I move soon we might be able to hit some new states for you. MAYBE. If nothing else, we HAVE to so Az again. 🙂

  3. I can teach you how to diagram a sentence, thanks to New Staff Training. :o) As for the states, you’re going to get at least 2 under your belt in January. Plus, if you come to visit me in CA, we can make a Vegas trip or something… have you been to Nevada? I miss you friend!

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