Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?

I think my sense of humor is broken.

At my brother’s demand I watched a DVD of this comedian, Tim Hawkins, who the rest of the fam went to see when he was in Jacksonville a few weeks ago. Chad had been performing this guy’s skits since I arrived in town yesterday afternoon, and I thought they’d probably be funnier when the comedian did them.


I laughed a couple times, sure, but mostly I kept a straight face and wondered when I could grab a book. This always happens to me! I can’t stand Jim Carrey, I don’t “get” Seinfeld, I thought Blue Collar Comedy Tour was okay.

But as long as Friends is in syndication… there will be laughter in my life, even while everyone else is busy wondering what’s wrong with me.


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7 Responses to Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?

  1. Nothing is wrong with you, somethings just aren’t all that funny. Blue Collar Comedy Tour, on the other hand, is. :o) But then again, I think really dumb things are funny, especially if they involve limbless jokes and watching people (or myself) fall. Some things will just never NOT be funny. hahaha…

  2. Oh, and mullets… Mullets will ALWAYS be funny.

  3. i don’t find mullets funny. but i do find ‘seinfeld’ funny. i’m an island.

  4. No man is an island, Scott. 😉

  5. I think monkeys with mullets are funny, too.

  6. Carla…I’m not too enamored with Seinfeld either. I can see why people think it’s funny, but it doesn’t personally make me laugh all that much. I too think Friends is a lot funnier. 🙂 But I have sort of a random sense of humor, so…whatever.

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