It’s Friday night and I just got paid

After a long (short) day of working hard (hardly working) as a substitute teacher, I went grocery shopping on the way home. I skipped this activity last week because I really couldn’t afford to buy anything. I ate a lot of baked potatoes instead.

As the cashier rang up my items, totalling $30, I thought about how I probably couldn’t afford it… but I didn’t purchase anything wasteful, and I would just have to make ends meet somehow. I flashed back to last week, when I slipped my credit card through the machine in exchange for a new pair of glasses (on order).

I don’t know how, but I am confident God will provide.

After I unloaded my groceries, I paused to open my mail. I was most curious about a plain white envelope that bore no evidence of the sender but the postmark. I instantly knew who it was, but wondered what this person had to send.


That’s right. $100. For me.

I’m still shaking my head in surprise.

Somehow, it’s even more exciting to see how God meets our needs when it’s done at the genoristy of other people.

Thank you.


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3 Responses to It’s Friday night and I just got paid

  1. That’s so awesome!!

  2. Jennifer (Ashley's Sister)

    How was your first day? I see you survived 🙂 What grade did you have?

  3. TallyPhil

    I think I know why you asked now…and yeah, it’s stupid…

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