No more pencils, no more books

Ever wondered what it takes to become a substitute teacher? Yeah, I hadn’t either–that is, until I realized the low balance of my checking account. Suddelnly I became really curious about what sounds like an almost-ideal part time job.

I bet you didn’t know how time- and money-intensive the process is, either. I mean, it makes sense. You don’t want just anyone to have eight hours of (paid!) access to your children. But dang, you’ve really got to want it to jump through these hoops! Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be done with all but the training, and by Friday I’ll be certified to substitute teach in my little county in Alabama.

Sub teacher checklist

You will need:
1. Completed application (check)
2. Recommendation form, to be signed by school principal (this is on my list for tomorrow)
3. Copy of driver’s license (check)
4. Copy of social security card (check)
5. Proof of education (check–they photocopied my high school, bachelor’s and master’s degrees)
6. $20 money order for substitute teacher’s license (also on tomorrow’s to do list)
7. $49 money order for fingerprinting and processing fee (again, tomorrow)
8. Results of a tuberculin skin test (I paid someone $15 to poke me with a needle. I get the results tomorrow.)
9. Form I-9, employment eligibility (check)
10. Tax forms, federal and state (check… I got my daddy to help me. I didn’t want to claim anything incorrectly.)
11. New hire form (check)
12. Workshop attendance (it’s my understanding that these are the last Friday of each month… which is why I’m in such a dang hurry. 🙂 )


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10 Responses to No more pencils, no more books

  1. TallyPhil

    Let me know how it goes with Ms. Tillman yo. Mom was gonna remember today, I’m almost sure of it.

  2. mb

    Considering Alabama’s educational record, you can’t do worse. 🙂

  3. Jennifer (Ashley's Sister)

    Oh honey…good luck. I am a certified sub….and I taught for about 3 weeks…and I said “Whaaaat the?????” 🙂 GOOOOOD Luck 😉

  4. alisa

    A Friends ep. came to mind.

    “Why do you keep saying check?”

    “You say that after making sure you’ve gotten everything done. Its like a reward to yourself. I never thought it was werid, my mom always does it.”

    “My mom always stuck her head in the oven… well just that one time. But still werid.”

  5. Thanks Jen, I need encouragement, really. 😉 Which school system did you teach in? What age level? I’m gonna email you ’cause I don’t know if you’ll read this…

    And Leesy–two points! Very nice.

  6. lauren

    WOW! You should come to Memphis, I’m sure it’s much easier to become a sub. Especially consider the idiots we have as real teachers here!

  7. Actually, it looks MORE intensive in Memphis. Which is not surprising.

    I am off to pick up my rec from Gardendale!

  8. this definitely varies from state to state. i doubt new mexico requires ANY of that (even a driver’s license hehe).

    best of luck. you’ll do great!

  9. yay LALA!

    you will be the CUTEST sub EVER!

  10. Sarah Hill

    I am really interested in quitting my regular day job and substitute teaching in the North Jefferson County, West Blount County areas.
    What do you suggest?

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