HELP! I need someone to HELP!

If I go without my glasses for long enough I start to get a headache. So just a few minutes ago I went to grab my glasses and alleviate the hint of a headache that’s playing around the edges of my mind.

When my thumb went right through the frame, I freaked out. “WHERE IS MY LENS?!?!?” (Yes, I know a lens is a weird thing to lose. But it’s GONE!) Apparently the screw that held that half of the frame fell out… somewhere… and now I’m missing both a screw and a lens. (Haha… I’ve got a screw loose… ha!)

I have no idea where my stinkin’ lens is. I looked all of the places I remember setting my glasses in the past day… but I can’t find it.

I’m gonna have to buy new glasses, aren’t I? I can’t AFFORD new glasses. Dang it… anyone wanna give me $200 or so?


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  1. Last I saw it, it was by the thing next to the table in the other room.

  2. TallyPhil

    200 bucks? I’m on it.

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