Still a little bit of your words I long to hear

When you don’t have a lot of friends, places instead of people become the company you keep. When I need intellectual stimulation, I go to the library. (Of course, this is also where I go for brain candy.) If I want a little culture I’ll wander through an art museum. And if I crave the easy camraderie of conversation with an old friend, O’Henry’s is my destination.

No, it’s not a perfect substitute. I would take Heather or Alisa or Megan (or Lara or Alison or Sarah or Philip or Rob or Natalie or Apryl or…) any day. But a lonely Friday night at O’Henry’s is better than the same at home.

Okay, so here I have to pay for my company. A $2 cup of coffee is much easier than a $2000 sorority. Still, my mood lifts just a bit when I’m sitting with the fireplace surround and soothing folk music.

And y’know, I’ve also adopted accessories for entertainment. (Yeah, I’m crazy. But you already knew that.) You’re more likely to catch me in my glasses if I’m feeling a bit shy. Though they’re just metal and plastic, the thin layer separating me from the world offers some comfort.

My pink trenchcoat is my secret weapon: it’s the ‘pretty maker’. I don’t care what I’m wearing or my mood; when I’m in my pink coat, I feel a little special. And I’ve got a hat that I’m just saving for a day when I feel a little funky and unique.

Hey. When your cat is your closest companion, you’ve got to find entertainment somewhere.


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2 Responses to Still a little bit of your words I long to hear

  1. I’m glad I’m on your list and I’m glad we’re great friends. I think it’s funny and amazing how God works sometimes, especially in making a girl whom I thought was a bit too perky for my liking and someone whom I thought would not turn out to be a good friend one of my favorite people ever. I’m so grateful for you! (I’m praying for you too :))

  2. Joyce

    Just wanted to let you know that I love you, even though I am really far away and it’s often hard to express. You have residence in my heart Carla Jean!

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