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I’m a few days behind in offering a year end entry… but since it’s still the first week of 2005, I don’t think it’s really too late to reveal my bestof 2004.

However, it’s boring to be just like everyone else… so here’s my own personal twist on the year in review. 😉 Most of these songs were released in 2004, but all of them were added to my collection during that year. (And yes, I need to update my CD page over there… but I will mention that I met my resolution for last year. I limited to myself to one CD or less per week, resulting in only 41 CDs for the year. I’m so good.)

Sexiest Vocal: Marc Broussard, “Home” from Carencro
Have you heard the man sing? It’s a shame the rest of the album is so bland.

Song that most makes me wanna throw myself off a building: TIE Patty Griffin, “Top of the World” from Impossible Dream and Ryan Adams, “Wonderwall” from Love is Hell Part One
Yes, in my little world, wanting to throw yourself off a building is somehow an appropriate response to good music.

Song that made me cry the hardest: “Still Hurting,” from the Original Cast Recording of The Last 5 Years
Oh MY gosh. I need this CD. This has to be the saddest break up song of all time. What a great actress… you can just feel the sorrow in her voice.

Hit the nail on the head song of the year: Tara Leigh Cobble, “Here’s to Hindsight” from Things You Can’t Stop with Your Hands
Of course, if “Winter’s Ending” were new to be in 2004, it would have won. In any case, TLC hit home with this one, especially the bridge: “And all today’s uncertainties and all of my impatience will just be flecks of color in the picture that He’s painting.” Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. (;))

I can’t explain it, I just have to dance: Jem, “They” from Finally Woken
Alisa thought this song was so weird… and well, it is. But the album is MUCH fun to dance around to when no one else is home. (It also reminds me of the first day of summer project, ’cause it’s what I was listening to as I pulled into Pine Harbor. Oh, the memories…)

Best remake of the artist’s own song: Sandra McCracken, “Plenty” from Best Laid Plans
The original version of this song was one of my favorite tracks on McCracken’s last album. But this re-recorded version rocks my face off… the strings are stellar. I usually have to listen to it several times before moving on to the rest of the CD.

Most likely to scare Alisa if she met the song in a dark alley: Dave Matthews, “Grave Digger” from Some Devil
Granted, when Alisa said she never wanted to see Dave Matthews angry, it was after listening to Before These Crowded Streets. Just the same, I love his vocal on this song. It’s sort of creepy, but it’s fabulous.

Best song that was made even better by another band: TIE Carrie Newcomer, “I Should’ve Known Better” from Betty’s Diner: The Best of Carrie Newcomer and Oasis, “Wonderwall” from (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?
The originals were excellent, but Nickel Creek and Ryan Adams (respectively) took these songs to greater heights.

Song that best describes my fears about relationships (for now): Chris Thile, “On Ice” from Deceiver
This is absolutely one of my favorite songs that was released this year. It truly would fit well with Nickel Creek’s material on This Side, but it is a jewel regardless of where it’s placed. Thile is an amazing songwriter and musician… and this song is just too quotable. I have used at least three different sections of it in away messages, but I really could use the whole thing at any given moment. 🙂

Song that I love even though I can’t sing along with some of the lyrics: Damien Rice, “Woman Like a Man” from B Sides
I’m 99.9% sure this is the only “parental advisory advised” disc in my entire collection, and this song is most of the reason why. And unfortunately, the part I won’t sing is in the CHORUS, so it’s repeated quite a bit. But it’s just a great song, no matter how much I hate that word.

Cheesiest country song that I don’t mind admitting I like: Sugarland, “Baby Girl” from Twice the Speed of Life
Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, it’s totally pop-country. But yeah, they’re great performers and I love singing this while driving down the road… especially the part that’s Nashville-specific. We all need a little cheese from time to time!


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  1. You know…before we went to the Opry, “Baby Girl”, was kind of a take it or leave it song for me. But after seeing them perform, I LOVE it!

  2. alisa

    I talked along with this blog entry, it was funny. And look how many times my name appears, fancy… I laughed at the title of the catarogies. tee hee.

  3. I’m quite impressed that you like “Baby Girl” by Sugarland. I think it’s a cute song too. Here’s a little Sugarland trivia for you. The girl that sings (Jennifer Nettles) had been touring as the Jennifer Nettles Band for a long time. I saw them in July 2002. I’ve got 2 of their CDs…she reminded me a lot of Tara Leigh Cobble…but not so much anymore.

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