Loving is fine if you have plenty of time for walking on stilts at the edge of your mind

My friend Luke once said I have the weirdest interactions with men of any girl he knows. If that’s not because I attract drama, I must create it. I know I’m supposed to be a journalist, but I occasionally wonder if I should have pursued a more diva-fied occupation. (Or maybe I should just work at a women’s mag. Same thing, right?)

In any case, I suppose these dramatic tendencies account for the series of romance-oriented rants I’m about to unleash on you. There’s no other good reason! I’m not interested in anyone, there’s no boy drama in my life and I’m certainly not dating anyone.

But then, I guess that last reason is part of the force fueling this tirade. Somehow a conversation between my friend Patrick and I moved from movies to dating (a far less innocuous topic, particularly when my big mouth is involved!). He seemed a bit surprised when I mentioned I haven’t been on a proper date since 1999. (In fact, when I saw it typed across my screen, I was a bit taken back. That is an awfully long time.) I told him I have my reasons, not the least of which is an exorbitant level of picky-ness. He suggested that perhaps I should cool it a bit.

To some degree, I agree. I can be entirely too uptight for my own good. But there are some things worth these ridiculously high standards.

Which leads me—where else!—back to my favorite beef. What is the deal with Christian men?

I refuse to even consider dating anyone who doesn’t love Jesus more than he could dream of loving me. Though I don’t always alighn my actions with my faith (I sin too!), I do believe said faith should be the central driving force of my life. I want to be with someone who can both understand and encourage that. It is at least one point on which I refuse to compromise.

(Another such characteristic is a willingness to dance. But that’s just an aside. :))

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Christian men I have known are not willing to step up to the plate (at least, not for me, which is what matters when I’m raving about my lack of dating life :)). I’ve had plenty of friendships with otherwise amazing men who wasted my time with meaningless flirtation. I’ve been led on at least one time too many, and I’m left behind chanting “boys are overrated.”

Yeah. I’m not so much for a healthy mindset, I guess.

The thing I’ve realized is that I’m just as bad. I’m a wonderful tease. I employ the mind games so many claim to hate, even in most of my friendships. I should work at removing the plank from my own eye before bitching about the specks in the eyes of my brothers. (I would apologize for the profanity, but is it not appropriate here? Drop the niceties—bitching is what I’m doing.)

I know I should deal with the real issues—with the bitterness I struggle to release but then reclaim as my own. But y’know, I don’t feel like it. (And I know that’s not okay.) Sometimes I like wearing this “I don’t need a man” attitude like a badge, though it is more honestly something of a faulty shield. Sometimes I embrace the insanity I portray (and I realize I sound like nothing less than a crazy in these words). Sometimes I think I would rather give up and go for the not-quite-Jesus freaks—the only men who are actually willing to pursue this idiosyncratic woman I’ve exposed.

Then I realize, they still don’t boast the single most attractive quality I’ve found in a man—a heart willing to pursue Christ recklessly.

And when I allow anger and bitterness to control me… neither do I.


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7 Responses to Loving is fine if you have plenty of time for walking on stilts at the edge of your mind

  1. I think that you just don’t give these guys a chance.

  2. I *know* you’re (at least partially) right.

  3. mb

    I actually don’t recall what year I last had a date. It was even before 1999. I found it kind of funny that after talking about how long it was since you went out on a date you instantly put the fault on guys. I don’t blame girls on my lack of dating because I fully know where the blame goes. For me at least, I’m not going around trying to actively pursue a relationship in my life because I have other things I want to focus more on. My spitiual life being one thing. Yes, I look, but that’s not the same as actively pursuing a relationship. When it happens, it happens. Until then, I’m doing other stuff.

  4. So you do discuss these things in your blog, don’t you? Well, you explaination is just that, your explanation. However since I’m coming from a less-than-secular background, I can’t understand your most attractive quality issue. But I do understand how certain things take priority over others when looking for a potential relationship. I don’t think you should shun non-Christian guys, as many are quite nice and respectable – I being one – though you are welcome to do so. Just my take.

  5. To follow up on Patrick’s comment…
    I have a friend, Raelyn. One of the most die-hard Catholic women I know. Stayed a virgin till marriage, knows the catechesis forwards and back.

    The guy she married? An athiest.

    Just a suggestion to keep your eyes open.

  6. Patrick and I actually had a lengthy discussion about this after he posted his comment. 🙂 We disagree, but that’s okay. I think there are some things that are important enough NOT to be flexible about, and in my opinion, this is one of them.

    (And I agree with Patrick that there are LOTS of nice, respectable, non-Christian men.)

  7. David Lee Roth

    Hell yeah there are!

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