You ask me ’bout creamer, you ask me ’bout sugar…

I’ve just made a startling discovery:

I like black coffee!

No great story or opportunity for a little writing exercise here. It’s just a bit of info I thought those who care about my coffee drinking habits would care to know. I brewed too much coffee and filled my favorite mug to the rim. Instead of dumping my precious Sumatra in the sink, I decided to sip it down till there’s room for cream.

It ain’t half bad.

Maybe the black coffee takes the edge off a stressful week. Now that my master’s project has sucessfully been defended and I’m set to graduate in two weeks (!!), I have a moment to relax.

Odds are I’ll be writing before the end of the weekend. But in the meantime, why don’t you entertain us all with a description of your favorite coffee mug?

(Oh–mine is an oversized pink mug with a heart shaped handle and the word “amore.” printed near its base. It may have competition soon with the arrival of my Christmas mugs–but at least they’re all from Alisa. She’ll remain the clear winner!)


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27 Responses to You ask me ’bout creamer, you ask me ’bout sugar…

  1. luke

    so glad to hear you like black coffee! it’s really the best way to go.

    my favorite mug is one I got from Plexus, a gift for coming to interview. It’s black with a Plexus logo on it, but when you put coffee in, pictures and more words appear on the mug.

  2. Meg

    My favorite mug is one I got from Disneyland. It’s kind of large and it’s lavender. On one side it’s got Tinkerbell pushing herself through a keyhole. The other side is the view of the keyhole from other side, with Tinkerbell’s rear end and legs. It’s fun. Especially her expression and the fact that the scene is raised. I think I like Tinkerbell because she’s sassy (like me ;O)).

  3. I don’t really have a favorite mug, mainly because I kicked my caffeine habit long ago.

    That said … I love strong-brewed, rich, black coffee.

  4. Luke

    ooo, good coffee, strong coffee

  5. TallyPhil

    My favorite mug has Good Luck Bear on it. That’s right, a 21 year-old who prides himself on his Care Bear coffee mug. That’s me.

  6. Mine is light orange with Parisien looking women and “Ooh la la!”, “Ça c’est bon” and “Très chic” written all over it.

    ‘Course, I have a different favorite tea mug.

  7. Philip, you forgot to point out that you loved that mug long before Care Bears were “trendy” again. Remember the time Andy & I plotted to steal it and hold it for ransom?

  8. TallyPhil

    Yeah, the care bear craze didn’t start until I was already all about my mug. Good point. Were you gonna hold it ransom for your car tag?

  9. hahahahahha… yes. If I recall correctly, you two were starting to get angry at each other and just gave the whole thing up. I was dumb not to think you’d hold my car tag for ransom in the first place. And then I felt bad that y’all got all competitive about it. I don’t always think things through. 🙂

    Speaking of… you’d prolly be glad to know that my car tag is currently sitting in my bedroom closet, not on my car. But sooner or later I’m going to do something about that… I’ve had this car for almost a year and a half, you’d think I’d have it Bama-d out by now.

  10. luke

    car tags? bama-d? you alabama people….

  11. Whatever, Yankee. You only wish you were one of us.

    (On a side note… this might be the most commented-on post I’ve had in a long time. ha.)

  12. alisa

    you know why that is Carla, becasue you commented back. Its fun that way. 😉

  13. It is five thousand times more amusing to carry on conversations–especially when people reply.

    But Alisa! What’s YOUR favorite mug?

  14. Meg

    Luke is not a Yankee. Wisconsin, aka upper midwest, is not considered “Yankee” territory. If “southern” does not extend out Missouri way, “Yankee” also does not stretch that far. Get your facts straight, woman.

  15. luke

    on the contrary, I just tooke the yankee or dixie quiz you listed on your blog. my result was 33% (Yankee). A definitive Yankee. i’d like to see carla’s results for this.

  16. SEE?!?!?!?! That’s the beauty of being a princess. It means I’m always right. 😉

    (Okay, okay. I’m KIDDING people.)

    Luke, you’d actually be surprised if you saw all of my answers… or at least, I was (and I e-mailed every last one of them to Megan). I scored 73% (Dixie), but many of my individual responses were more midwestern/northeastern. I was shocked… and rather disappointed, I must say.

    The south will rise again! Or… er… somethin’.

  17. Meg

    That quiz also called me southern and I definately don’t have the *charm* for that. Things in life are flawed… like Carla’s geography. :o)

  18. HEY! There’s nothing wrong with my geog…

    aw, crap. You’re right. It was my first C. I’m no Amy Potter!

  19. Meg

    It’s all good, I love you anyways… even if you are a xenophobe. Speaking of other areas of the country, Luke you should drive down from Wisconsin to the DC reunion with Josh. How fun would that be?

    I just left a message for someone else on your blog… how does that make you feel?

  20. I feel used, like a piece of trash on the street.

  21. luke

    It’s a possibility. What were the dates again? A lot depends on whether or not I get a job offer in the next week or so.


    (And they’re loosely set at Dec. 28-Jan 3.)

  23. luke

    i was asking megan, not you

  24. You are such a turkey!!!!! 😛 Besides, the reunion originated as an excuse to get ME to DC. (Talk about a princess complex! :))

  25. Meg

    I’m sorry you feel like trash Carla. That must really suck. 😉 Yes, Luke, Carla is correct in those dates. I’m actually on the phone with Josh as I type. CALL HIM because he wants you to ride down with him (pending a job as well). And Carla, you are correct in the hidden intent behind my plan for winter reunion. I do love you that much. Even if you are a princess.

    Let it be known that Carla first introduced herself to me on project as, “Hi, I’m Carla, and I’m a princess.”

  26. I figured it best to get it out of the way so you weren’t shocked later on. 🙂 And hey, it worked… I set low expectations and therefore exceeded them!

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