Stumble in the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition

The countdown has been on all semester, but today it hits a special mark. I’m dropping to a number of days instead of months until graduation.

So, in 30 days I’ll cross the stage of Coleman Coliseum in celebration of my master’s degree. It’s true that I’ll have attained a level of education that exceeds the requirements of my field—and it’s possible that could be to my detriment at times. Indeed, you can find veterans of the profession who boast only a high school education. Though my degree has come at a high cost, I don’t regret it for a moment.

For all my excitement, I expect many of the next 30 days to pass slowly. I’ve completed my master’s project (though I’ve yet to convince anyone to purchase those 6,000 words for publication). The paperwork for my summer internship has been completed and submitted. My current internship is part time (and is nearing conclusion, itself). So as I told an inquiring friend earlier this week—yes, approaching graduation is exciting—but it’s also fairly boring.

My workaholic tendencies don’t help. I’m attempting to fill my five free days each week with writing, job hunting, f/Friends and volunteering. But truth be told, I long to return to 40 hour work weeks.

They laughed when I rushed through college in three years. “You have the rest of your life to work,” they said. “Slow down and enjoy this time.” They again cautioned me when I aimed to barrel through graduate studies (though for different reasons). “Don’t take on too much at a time or your grades will suffer.”

Turns out I was right all along—the working world suits me. Bring on the 8-5.


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6 Responses to Stumble in the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition

  1. Didn’t you agree with me about advising Robyn not to rush, though? 😉

  2. TallyPhil

    I fear that all I’ll have to show for my graduate work in three years will be a degree from Alabama…what a waste of a lifetime. WAR EAGLE!!!

  3. Why don’t you just try to get your law degree at Auburn then? Hmmm? Yeah, good luck with that.


  4. alisa

    wheres the title of your blog from Carla? I see a coffee lovers CD 2 comin’ on.

  5. Found your blog on the Blog list. I’m on there as well. I’m a UA alum, about to be back in school. I like the site – just thought I’d say hello.

  6. David Bauer

    I know. I’m so excited for graduation. I can’t wait. I have my own countdown. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I don’t have school work to do. I might get bored. j/k Hope all is well Carla… Happy Thanksgiving Day!!! Miss u. cya

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