Marks of unprofessionalism in the world

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for submitting for resume for our Copy Editor position with our magazines…

I ripped open this letter, assuming it would be a rejection from a job somewhere. What I didn’t expect was that they didn’t bother to update their form letter with my name–and that they clearly needed a copy editor to proof their correspondence!
In other unprofessional behavior news… so my car is gimp right now and I’ve had to drive 50 mph (or less) everywhere I go. The other night, I was cruising along in the far right lane on the interstate when an 18 wheeler pulled up behind me. Rather than simply going around (as there was plenty of room to do), the driver sat right up on my rear and turned his brights on.

Too bad I didn’t think to get the “How’s my driving?” 800 number when he finally passed me.


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4 Responses to Marks of unprofessionalism in the world

  1. alisa

    Oh do tell who that was. Thats too funny. Maybe not at the time, but funny that its pretty bad. You should send a copy with corrections. Naw, that might be crossing the line. Tempting Im sure though.

  2. mb

    You should send them your version of this.


  3. Kari

    I think you should send a copy with corrections. I don’t think it’s crossing the line. hehe.

  4. alisa

    Okay nevermind! I second Kari’s motion.

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