I want to cry like the rain, shine like the sun on a beautiful morning

In case what I wrote last made no sense whatsoever… I’ll let Tim Downs explain it for me.

A sower’s music might take many forms, but it would always possess two qualities. First, it would refuse to exalt or endorse any value that undermines a biblical worldview. A sower’s music would not, for example, lament the ultimate meaninglessness of life or extol the pleasures of casual sex. Second, a sower’s music, in form and content, would seek to undergird and strengthen a biblical view of life. It might praise the seeker of truth, or reflect on the beauty and design inherent in nature, or do any one of a thousand other things that are consistent with a biblical image of the world. On first hearing, it might seem to say little or nothing at all about God–directly.

“But that’s not Christian music,” some would complain. No, not if by Christian music you mean straightforward gospel music, music that attempts to harvest. This is music, as C.S. Lewis would say, with the Christianity latent. It’s an indirect communication that has tremendous potential for influence–over time. Imagine, as Lewis would say, if every time a teenager turned on a radio, the music he heard was not proclaiming a Christian message, but was simply consistent with a biblical worldview. Would that be of any value? Would it have any effect on the mind-set of the teenager over time? And could it have any effect on the way that teenager might one day respond to the direct appeal of a harvester?

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  1. Or Josh Gracin?

    As an aside, I think you (and Mr. Downs) are right on. I have a fair inkling that the world around us would be drastically different if we would make a more concerted effort to be this kind of salt and light. When we turn “being holy (set apart)” into “being disconnected (being separate)” we lose the chance to show anyone in the world what a true relationship should look like.

    Just a little thought from another.

    Keep yours coming.

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