Don’t tip the boat over

It felt a little funny to cast my vote several weeks before election day arrived, but I did so with pleasure. I felt a small sense of pride as I raised the flag on my mailbox. Because I’m registered in Florida, not Alabama, I feel like my vote counts a bit extra.

Though I may stand a bit taller today because of the impact my vote can make, I’ll do so with my eyes lowered whenever I pass someone with an “I voted” sticker. Can’t they send a sticker in the mail with your absentee ballot? I did my duty; now I want my reward!

😉 It’s gonna be an interesting night.


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3 Responses to Don’t tip the boat over

  1. alisa

    I’ll save my sticker and send it to you Carla.

  2. Karyn and I were pouting because our polling place didn’t give out stickers.

  3. TallyPhil

    I’m from Alabama and I voted in Florida, so not only did I get to vote in a swing state but I also got to sabatoge the Florida constitution and only be affected by it for 5 months. MWAHAHAHAHA (that’s an evil laugh in case you can’t tell)

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