It don’t matter if you’re black or white

I’m reading Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities (Alexandra Robbins) right now, and it’s prompted thought on several different subjects. I’ll probably write more about those later, but I have a specific tidbit to share with you now.

It figures that the University of Alabama has to be mentioned in this book. As usual, it’s bad (but accurate!) press. The author interviewed Melody Twilley, a black girl who went through rush-twice-without receiving a bid. This was old news to me-it’s received extensive media coverage, both in the student paper and larger papers nationwide.

Alabama finally integrated by accepting a black girl into a traditionally white sorority in 2003. What shocked me was this: according to this book, we were the last university in the nation to do so.

I don’t know how accurate that is. It seems it’d be hard to verify that with every other university, given their ubiquity. But let’s assume that it’s accurate. That’s yet another reason to be embarrassed to attend the school I am otherwise so proud of.


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  1. TallyPhil

    Yup…stupid Alabama, always last in everything. What a rotten school. 😉

  2. So you’d recommend the book? Would it be a good read for someone planning on pledging?

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