And I said hey, what’s going on?

Reading: Name & Address Withheld, another pointless chick-lit issue from Red Dress Ink
Wondering: When this interview with this local artist will finally take place
Listening: To “The Search for the Partridge Family” on VH1. 🙂
Questioning: What all can I pair with my new red high heels?
Eating: Nothing, but my last selection was Chicken McNuggets…. mmmm….
Drinking: Coffee – always coffee
Feeling: A bit tired – long but fun weekend! (And hey – shopping will take it out of you! ;))
Debating: Why anyone would wear a silver mini with hooker boots – but hey, it’s TV….
Pondering: What life after graduation holds
Betting: That I’ll write some REAL posts in the coming days.


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3 Responses to And I said hey, what’s going on?

  1. That song makes the BEST karaoke!! 😀

  2. alisa

    The pondering part, I got it figured out: NC. Then maybe we could be roomies again, no?

  3. Encouraging: Adriene to spend money!

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