Gimme a gimme a gimme a redhead girl

…what? It’s redNECK girl? Well dang.

Start of the dayThis doesn't look like me! But look at how good my hair color looks against black. This is right after I got it cut.I've soaked it, now we've gotta dry it!Ignore my obvious lack of lipstick.


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4 Responses to Gimme a gimme a gimme a redhead girl

  1. Meg

    Oooh, your first picture is SASSY. Quite the southern gal. ;o)

  2. I’d use “sultry” or “smoky” for that pic, but I guess “sassy” works.

  3. Nice. I like it.

    I remember when I used to dye my hair. Now I have none to dye.

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