Purple rain, purple rain

Do you ever have days when you feel you don’t fit in your own body?

I was having one today. It wasn’t triggered by anything significant; I just felt funky, like I would never amount to anything. Though it didn’t qualify as a full-fledged anxiety attack, I felt a bit anxious about the future.

(Okay, I’ve never had an anxiety attack. But still. I struggle with being a control freak. You know that.)

So what did I do?

I dyed my hair.

Okay, okay, that doesn’t solve anything, I know. But I did pray about my fretful inclinations as I worked the dye into my roots, and I was tired of my dishwater blonde hair. It’s not like anyone can see what I look like when they get my resume, but feeling a bit more pulled together is one step in the right direction.

For better or worse, now I’m a redhead instead of a dirty blonde. (I meant for it to be more brown with a hint of red, but whatever!)

Next up… I think it’s time for a haircut. (Hey, it’s like my own do-it-yourself makeover story.)

Hair color should NOT be comparable to dishwater.The bottle's open - eek!We're halfway done. Now I'm committed.Ewwie gooey!It looks almost goth here. :)This is what it's SUPPOSED to look like...This is what it does look likeTake it or leave it!


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9 Responses to Purple rain, purple rain

  1. I officially love it!! 🙂 I could never pull off the redhead thing, but you look FANTASTIC!!

  2. Luke

    First of all, being your size I’m not surprised you sometimes feel like you don’t fit in your own body.

    But seriously, I like the hair. I’m not sure if it looks as fun as blonde when it’s down and curly, but it looks very nice pulled back with the glasses (quite professional). Though take this with a grain of salt, as I’m clearly partial to redheads.

  3. Nice… change is good. Infact I’ve been thinking of trying something different w/ my hair too. It’s a good chance I might dye it as well or maybe just highlight it, either way I don’t think it’s gonna make a big difference. Another option that’s cross my mind is cutting it…that’ll change it for sure… but aah who knows. We’ll see how bored i get =)

  4. Emily

    Carla I absolutely love the new color! I think it fits you pretty well. I miss you lots and I can’t wait until we are all hanging out together again out reunion!! 🙂

  5. So so cute! You’re lucky, mine never comes out that red!

  6. so…you’ve finally given in to the comments of people calling you a redhead. welcome to the world of redheads. love, a fellow new redhead. 🙂

  7. Meg

    You just miss the redheads of Apt 1016… me too! Almost inspires me to join in the hair color. I like it though, it works. But for the shorter Felicity cut you’re thinking, it may be better back to light brown/blondish or you may end up looking like little orphan Annie. :o)

  8. alisa

    I love all those “Carla faces” you are making in those photos. Gosh I miss you! And yes, adorable in red. I wish I was there to help you. Thats it, Im moving to Alabama. The cute red hair has done me in.

  9. Sarah

    Carla, love the color! I’m thinking of using the same brand for a temporary add-of-redness to my hair…how long does it last for you? But yeah, the red is great on you. Very cute! And I loved the do-it-yourself makeover story! 😉

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