I need a man who knows how the story goes

Some girls make lists of what they’re looking for in a man, ranging from the serious (a godly leader) to the physical (blond hair, blue eyes, killer grin). I shredded my list years ago because I realized I was dwelling too much on finding a man. (Well, that and I kept liking guys with all sorts of hair color/eye color combinations. Kidding! I’m kidding…)

I think it’s time for a new one.

I present to you CJ’s ridiculous list of what she wants in a man:

  • He should like the same kind of coffee as me. Mind you, he doesn’t need to take it the same way (though living with Alisa proved how convenient that is). He just needs to enjoy the same roast. I hate seeing a perfectly good bag of Starbucks go bad because I couldn’t drink it quickly enough.
  • He must understand the importance of college football. There will be Saturdays where I don’t spend a minute watching the game(s) in favor of doing something more important. Even so, he has to be O.K. with me checking the scores of my teams, the top 25, the SEC and the ACC when we return home.
  • He can’t differ from me too greatly on what beverages merit our refrigerator space. Right now, for example, I have a gallon of milk, a bottle of grape juice and a pitcher of iced Tazo Passion tea in the fridge. I’d add a bottle of V8 Splash, but I figure my grandmother deserves some space, since she pays the bills and all!
  • Last, and perhaps most importantly: he should know when not to put up with my crap. Sometimes I’ll push the boundaries just to see if he’ll cave. I don’t want a doormat. I need a man who will bend when it’s important and put me in my place when I’m ridiculous, modeling Christ’s love all the while.
  • I don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you? 😉 Leave all applications in the comment field.  Requests will be answered in two weeks to four years. Bonus points for good dancers.


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    11 Responses to I need a man who knows how the story goes

    1. Hehe. I LOVE the last one. Can I get a ditto?

    2. mb

      What if he “just don’t want coffee?” You know, as in, he doesn’t like coffee. I assume since he can’t help you finish off your bag of coffee then he is a “no go.”

    3. Interesting how so much of your criteria for a man has to do with beverages… 😛

    4. alisa

      If he doesnt like coffee, hes out. I think Carla said that loud and clear Matt. 😉

      Also, I thought the list would be longer. Im suprised and kinda dissappointed.

    5. What sort of dancing are we talking about here? Salsa? Swing? Booty-shakin’? Tango? Exotic?

    6. mb

      Well, even having “special” cups of coffee made for me, I still stand by the fact that coffee sucks. 🙂 Who makes these kinds of lists anyway? It’s not like I have any “deal breakers,” or anything. 🙂

      Matt(the coffee heretic)

    7. Any dancing but bumpin’ & grindin’ works for me!

      Since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of marrying a man who liked coffee. Seriously.

    8. I am so behind on blog reading…just wanted to let you know how awesome the title of this post is! Mad props for bringing Shania into the picture!

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