It’s a great day to be alive

I think I’ll fall in love on a Tuesday.

Okay, it may not be such an instantaneous process. Maybe I’ll just realize I’m in love on a Tuesday. Or Tuesdays could be otherwise significant in a future relationship.


I’ve noticed a tendency to spend my Tuesday evenings in a mushy, wistful state of mind. This has been happening (on and off) for about a year. I’ll admit that, at the time it began, much of my giggling was incited by e-mails from a certain man. For whatever reason, I found the things he’d say particularly charming on Tuesdays.

Strange, I know.

Maybe it was because my Tuesday evening class was fairly basic and therefore allowed time for girlish daydreams. (When will I see him next? How should I respond to this comment? I can’t wait to tell him about…) By the time I left class, the University seemed aways with a rosy glow.

In fact, I think I finally decided I liked that guy on a Tuesday.

But it’s not necessarily linked to flirting with someone. I can recall the occassional Tuesday mood cropping up this summer. That was our women’s Bible study night – and we did not sit around talking about marriage and what we wanted in a man.

(Well, maybe one night. But I think I kept my mouth shut.)

The past couple of Tuesdays have involved long drives across town. It’s hard for me not to get pensive about something when I drive past the towering buildings downtown. It may not be “mushy love stuff” on my mind, but something will be stirring in me.

I dunno. I think Tuesdays are a nice night.

Disclaimer: No, I’m not dating someone. I have not brought out the hoops. I know some people say they can tell when something is going on based on my away messages and blog entries. Not so this time! If you spent three hours stuffing envelopes for bridal advertisements, you’d be contemplating mushy things, too.

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  1. Tuesdays are marvelous days. And indeed a wonderful day for realizing crushes (let’s just say I’ve done that on more than one Tuesday!).

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