Protected: It’s one of those days to take a walk outside

I get in these moods where I’m convinced the weather is perfect for falling in love. It tends to happen most in the fall. (I think it has something to do with football. How many women do you think will say that?) But, like many boy-related things, these moods get me in trouble.

I think it’s hormonal.

We all know our feelings get a little crazy during “that time of the month,” and I’m no exception! I tend to be little miss “I don’t need a boyfriend,” but only for 24 days each month. There’s always a week when I’m convinced I need a good cuddle.

When that happens, my mind immediately reverts to the object of my most recent crush. It doesn’t matter if that was a month ago (as is the current situation) or if he’s someone in my life right now.

That bugs me. I don’t need this man who isn’t in my life dancing through my mind.

Why can’t I make it through my period without daydreams of something (someone) I don’t need?


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