Commitment, and everything that goes with it

Subtitle: For Alisa (because she’s wrong) and Megan (because her imagination failed)

When it’s right, it’s right.

It’s no secret that I’m picky, and therefore no surprise that the search has lasted this long. I struggle with grace; where is it appropriate to extend mercy instead of demanding perfection? Are my expectations too high? But everyone says when it’s a match, you’ll know.

I made a command decision today. I walked down the aisle with confidence, and the decorum demanded of the occasion. I stepped toward the official, a smile on my face. My head was held high.

I bought a pair of shoes.

Aren't they cute? AND they were on SALE!

(So I prefer a stiletto to a stacked heel, and I still love the pointy-toed trend. But I think these are slightly off-beat and way more practical. Besides, they’re Brazilian, and we all know that Brazil produces quality.)


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6 Responses to Commitment, and everything that goes with it

  1. Kari

    I love them. They are so cute. (I like stacked heels and rounded toe. I am not a pointy-toed kind of girl.)

  2. I would say something along the lines of how silly you are, but I may just have to hold back seeing as how it took me about 5 years and a blog to build up to separating with my favorite pair of jeans…

    These things can be meaningful.

    and on a side note, I now have INTERNET at my house so you may be reading a little more of me. ;o)



  3. They are cute. When you said woven leather, I got a really ugly picture in my head, but I like these. I’m not too big a fan of the pointy shoes, these ones are cuter. I want a full picture with the new brown skirt and top too. :o)

  4. alisa

    Excuse me, HOW am I wrong? Im not wrong. No no no.

  5. Augh, I’m jealous! I’m STILL hunting for my brown shoes… where did you find them??

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