And the whole world has to answer right now just to tell me once again…

Aren’t memories the funniest things?

You might be going through the mundane motions of life – folding laundry, for example – when something unexpected triggers a memory. Just like that, you find yourself reflecting on days gone by.

Most recently, it was a pair of gray men’s sweatpants that left me reeling. My laundry was spread across the floor of my den, sorted into piles according to final destination. As I was folding a stack headed for the closet, I lifted said sweatpants from the floor.

Can you be nostalgic for a time only months ago?

It hasn’t been long since the women of OSP challenged the men of OSP in a “Battle of the Sexes.” One particular Monday night, representatives from each team took the stage in a dance competition. Despite the trash the men talked, the women danced away with a victory.

The pants quickly became my favorite “bumming around” attire for the remainder of the summer. Silly as it may be, they now bring back memories as warm and fuzzy as the pants themselves.

Who's bad?

Love ya, OSP!


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2 Responses to And the whole world has to answer right now just to tell me once again…

  1. Need I remind you that going there meant no more living with me? Nice memory. 😉

  2. deeann

    I know i know…..awh, what a fun night that was….man, we seriously creamed the guys too…hehehe….and when charlie did his little seizure, cough, i mean sexy dance….maybe stumblage…..hehe, miss ya girl…hope you’re loving the internship…

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