I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

It’s Saturday. I’ve finished unpacking and moving in. The trunk of my car is filled with yard sale goods (and by “filled,” I mean, “imagine sitting on your suitcase to zip it up and you’ll have a picture of me closing my overstuffed trunk”). Random strangers have been discarded so picture frames may be filled with images of friends. What’s left to do?

VH1 always has an answer, and today it’s one of my favorites – I love the 80s!

1988 – weren’t those the days? I pretended to hate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (because it was a boys’ show!), but was secretly glad my sister watched it. At my seventh birthday party, my friends and I filmed our own video for “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” California Raisins introduced me to a number of Motown hits. Isn’t that what every 7-year-old girl needs?

Praise the Lord that I was a child, not a teen, in the decade of excess. Heaven forbid I look back and agree with the “Hunks of 1988” list. Donald Trump? Dan Quayle? Are you kidding me?!

VH1 has already cashed in with I Love the 70s (boring to many who weren’t born yet – as was I Love 1980) and I Love the 90s (which I haven’t seen yet – but count me in! Let’s relive those years of teenage angst). What will they dream up for 2004?

I like to think current fashion and music are timeless. Surely I won’t look back at my pretty pink skirt and argyle sweater and ask, “What was I thinking?!” But did women in the 80s think we’d be mocking their shoulder pads 16 years later? I’m already wondering why I have so many float-y, hippie blouses (circa 2002).

Maybe I’m dating myself here, but weren’t our toys so much cooler? I have a Care Bear in my bedroom right now! What B-list celebrities will offer commentary? Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey might have a future in entertainment, after all. 😉

“Did you notice more people eating raisins after the California Raisins came out? I didn’t. I mean, I was eating a lot of raisins to begin with, but that’s because I needed the fiber. I desperately needed the fiber.” –Michael Ian Black

(And don’t get me started on 1989. That’s quite possibly the best pop-culture year yet.)


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  1. I Love The 80s was such an awesome show. I loved watching them. Even though I was only alive through half of the 80s I remember most of it and think it was an awesome time.

  2. Your welcome. For the Care Bear that is. 😉 Did you leave it’s ears on?

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