Love has come and it’s giving me hope to carry on

After two days of freedom from OSP [Orlando Summer Project] rules and regulations, I’ve realized something:

I have yet to do anything that’s OSP inappropriate!

My suitcase holds several tank tops, but I haven’t worn anything that violates the high standards of my summer dress code. My mother offered me a glass of wine, but I wasn’t in the mood. To be honest, I feel like a bit of a slacker for sleeping in the past two mornings (though Lord knows the rest has done me some good!). This is life, post-OSP.

In all seriousness, I’m excited to see how this summer has changed me. After 10 weeks in a “Christian bubble,” I know my sensitivity has been heightened. I’ve been shocked to see some of the clothes people wear, and it’s weird to spot people with cigarettes.

Likewise, I anticipate changes in my behavior. I can already think of a few shirts that will be sent to Goodwill. I’m considering (maybe) purchasing a new Christian CD.

But the ways God has worked in me this summer haven’t all been so minor. He’s moving me past bitterness – a much needed change, as many will tell you. He opened my eyes to new possibilities for my future, and He introduced me to some amazing people.

I can’t numerate His works for you off-hand, but you better believe I’ll be processing through some of that over the next several weeks. I miss my fellow interns, but at the same time – it’s good to be back. Bring on real life!

Oh, how I miss these kids...!


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8 Responses to Love has come and it’s giving me hope to carry on

  1. A Christian CD? No way… 10 Christian points for that one, and if it was made before 1998, then you get 50 points. We should keep a running tally of all the points you’re getting lately. :o) I MISS YOU!

  2. P.S. It seems that I am special enough to be on your friends list twice. Man, are you going to miss me a ton, life is gonna stink with me gone. Hahaha, love ya Lala!

  3. I like how Im a “many”. 😉 Does this mean your going to blog more? Oh and come see me?!!

  4. any by blogging mean you meant?

  5. WOW. Im tired. Lets try THAT again.


    AND by blogging you MEANT what?

  6. Oh, I dunno… maybe blogging sometime AFTER I got home and got moved in… as in, not when I’m driving across the state… 😉

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