Workin’ nine to five

Since I gave you an overview of my summer in my last e-mail, I thought I’d take this time to offer a better understanding of my job. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’m a writer in the Global Communications office of Campus Crusade. But what on earth does that mean?

Essentially, I am working on a team to revamp the organization’s Web sites. This work is primarily concentrated on the new staff Web site, which will be launched in September. I have my hands in several projects right now, all of which are exciting:

1. Staff travel site: Dozens of corporate discounts are available to Campus Crusade staff for travel, but there is not a centralized location for this information. Over the past weeks, I’ve been gathering this information so that it can be made more readily available. This will save staff members considerable amounts of money, because travel is a big part of the job. That money can then be used more efficiently for other areas of ministry.

2. General Counsel’s Office site: Campus Crusade does have several attorneys on staff. Part of this site’s purpose will be to educate staff members and supporters about why this office is necessary and important. In that, I’ll also be writing profiles of each member of this staff.

3. New staff & senior staff (25+ years) profiles: Feature material will run on the new staff Web site, and this series will be included in that. It is our hope that these pieces will encourage staff members of all ages. Sometimes, it’s hard for the older staff members to remember the eagerness and enthusiasm they had when they were younger. Likewise, the new staff members have a lot to learn from those who have gone before them.

These are some big projects that are keeping me busy, but I am loving it! My dad was able to visit me at HQ this week and take an informal tour of the offices. It was awesome to see him and show off where I’ve been!


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  1. Megs

    You’re boring Carla. I want a REAL update to keep me amused at work here at HQ. :o)

  2. They happen to be hiring over there?

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