A blah-di-dah update from O-town

“Adventure” may be the key word for this summer.

Though I’m just a week in to my time in Orlando, Fla., adventure has been an unofficial theme. I don’t know what else I should have expected from 10 weeks spent with 40+ other college students, but it has been more abundant than I anticipated!

Those adventures have been evident in the community that we’ve formed. The group has been pro-active about developing friendships. We mix and mingle as much as possible and fully enjoy our time together. Already we’ve bonded during several unofficial events.

On Friday, the majority of the interns caravaned to Downtown Disney for a night of shopping, dancing and most of all, silliness. You’d think that would be adventureous enough on its own, but bad directions, prayers for a broken down car and the invasion of a kids’ dance party turned it into a night of memories.

Who let the dogs out?

Another set of bad directions (mine) provided a new pathway to work on the way to a bonfire at the lake. We left earlier than everyone else and arrived later… oops. 🙂 But the night was filled with more bonding (go figure) and more laughter… and a fun boat ride.

Sunset from the boat

Work began today, and it’s another set of adventures waiting to unfold. I can’t wait to share tales from the office place and pictures of my (rather large) cubicle. In the meantime, I’m going to close up shop for the day and head to dinner. It’s time to increase the bonds of that community…


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5 Responses to A blah-di-dah update from O-town

  1. Yay! More pics of Carla dancing!

  2. Is that the ocean? And did you take that? Me gusta.

  3. memphis matt

    awesome carlajean! keep us posted. I wanna go to diz wurld!

  4. dude, you SO should’ve gone to visit ben if you were in downtown disney. his restaurant (the ale house) is right near there.

    glad you’re having a blast.

  5. There is something about being with a group of people on a common quest in unknown territory that creates a bonding you find nowhere else. Most of my fondest memories are from times like that. So glad you’re already seeing this summer that way!

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