Summer lovin’, had me a blast

Hi everyone!

What a week it’s been. My summer in Orlando began early Monday afternoon as 40+ college students swarmed the clubhouse of our apartment complex here in sunny (and rainy and sunny and rainy) Florida. I was among the first to arrive and begin our week of orientation.

That orientation has consisted mostly of the typical Crusade instruction. We were trained (or re-trained) in the “four spiritual laws,” a tool for gospel presentation. We’ve been split into numerous groups (maximizing the number of people we meet!): we have “core groups” in which we meet for Bible study, and those are broken down into discipleship groups. The woman who is discipling me is my age – I think we’ll be friends. Everyone is also a member of a planning team. In those groups, we plan various events for the summer. I’m on the “body of Christ” team, and we’re responsible for organizing social events that are not only fun, but also provide a safe atmosphere in which we can build up and encourage one another.

Work begins Monday, and I can’t wait! We attended orientation at Crusade’s headquarters Friday morning. There, we received keys to the building (!), parking passes and staff ID badges. During this time, we also went on a tour of the facilities. It is a HUGE operation, as many of you already know, and that was certainly evident in the building. I am excited to be a part of something that is not only this monumental but is also aiming to effect change for Christ’s glory.

I intend to send you a short update each week to let you know how things are going and what you can pray for, if you so desire. As work begins on Monday morning, you can pray for relationships with my team members. I am excited to begin writing, and I will be sure to keep y’all posted!

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