So keep ‘em coming, these lines on the road

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6 Responses to So keep ‘em coming, these lines on the road

  1. okay are you TRYING to make me cry!!

  2. No, but the CD almost made me!!!!!

  3. I found it ironic that I could here Carla Jean’s audioblog post (on the CD I presume) in the background just as she was finishing this audioblog. That being said, best of luck to both of you. You’ll both kick a** and take names at whatever you do.

  4. “Faith my Eyes” has been my theme song sooooo many times…

  5. Just discovered your blog…I’ll be a regular!

    Here’s to the vagabond lifestyle. We had our doubts today about the move to Philly. I’ll have to go home and listen to Faith My Eyes again.

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