Like two bitter strangers

Though I joke that my bachelor of science in communication truly was a degree in B.S., I learned a few interesting tidbits. My favorites came from interpersonal communication – which, coincidentally, was my emphasis area.

For example, did you know that most people tend to find themselves attracted to and date people of about the same level of attractiveness? I wish I had taken note of the exact statistics and the source, because I find that intriguing. It makes sense, though: I rarely go for guys who I feel are a great deal more attractive than I. They intimidate me. It may be even easier to understand that I am seldom attracted to guys who are not as good looking as me. (Yes, that sounds stuck up, but let’s be honest! If you’re not attracted to a person at all, are you really going to date them? That statement indicates nothing about my opinion of my own appearance, thankyouverymuch!)

After learning that, I started to pay closer attention to couples. Most of them look like a matched set in some way. For some, the extent to which they look alike can be scary – it’s almost like they’re related! But even when it’s not that obvious, some people just look like they’re meant to be together.

I relayed these bits of information to my roommate the other night. I sort of joke to myself that you should be able to determine if someone is your mate by whether or not you make a matched set, but I’m fully aware that isn’t reality. I was reflecting on this tonight as I observed an engaged couple who defies this rule. That’s not a reflection of their relationship; I hardly know them. They simply don’t strike me as a matched set.

My point? Well, I’m not sure if I have one. I guess it’s not as easy as walking up to someone on the street and telling them that you’d look fantastic together. 😉 But I do wonder – when (if) I get married, will I find look at us together and laugh at how obvious it should’ve been from the start?

One of my favorite couples!
See Anna & Jeff? They make sense together!


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  1. yes, i learned a little about this in my nonverbal class this semester! VERY interesting. i believe that, not only are people drawn to someone with the same *level* of attractiveness, but also the same type. we are drawn to people that look sort of like us.

    personally, i think that holds true for personality, also. i want someone with my interests and humor, and someone similar to me, emotionally, as well.

  2. memphis matt

    i came to that conclusion many years ago. i wish i could have got a federal grant to pay me for it though! lol. It is much more difficult for me to pursuit someone i believe to be “out of my league” than it is to “aim for someone lower”.
    after seeing some couples who are not quite what you would call “attractive” i can agree with the old saying that “there is someone for everyone out there.”

  3. kari, you and mike are *definitely* a matched set.

  4. Agreed. I think y’all are ADORABLE together.

  5. I guess if this is true, then there is a very lucky 6’4″, 340lb woman out there waiting for me.

  6. Kari…nah, you way outclass Mike. Dump him quick!

  7. steve

    ah, so you were a comm major too? i’ll be finishing that up next year, interpersonal emphasis as well. yeah, it’s definately kinda bs, but it helps keep my grade point afloat while i double up with the premed major. 😉

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