I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee

The hoops betrayed me last weekend.

Apparently they have a mind of their own. I wasn’t in a flirtatious mood when I went out last Friday night, but I wore them anyway. I was in the mood to look my best, and a pair of dangly earrings was in order.

But what were the only appropriate earrings I could find? You got it: my biggest pair of silver mood indicators. It seems the earrings put out the vibe whether I do or not!

There’s a boy who has set his sights on me, and the best explanation I can offer is to blame it on the jewelry. So you know what I did?

I went shopping two days later and purchased six pairs of dangly, non-vibe inclined earrings.

Ladies and gentlemen (and here, I’m mostly just concerned with the gentlemen): the plot thickens. I’ll report how the non-hoops work out for me.



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5 Responses to I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee

  1. Men don’t care about anything that is character related. We are just like deer in headlights…eh, earrings. We see the silver hoopage and we can’t move…

  2. HAHA!! carla, i find it fabulous that you went and bought six pairs. not just one, or maybe two. but SIX. this means you have seven pairs of dangly hoop earrings. do you know how many guys that equals? um, that equals a lot of guys is what it equals. or um, yeah. right.

  3. No see Megan (I dont know if the picture was posted before or after the comment) she went out and got NON-hoops for the reason of not attraction unwanted attn. Which has happen recently, there must be something in the air in the apartment.

  4. Only YOUR situation is a little more appealing than MINE. Wanna trade? 😉

    (Hey, at least he hasn’t called again! Yesterday was the third day.)

  5. No I do not want to trade! *Alisa sticks tounge out at Carla*

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