I say a little prayer for you


Those of you who have been keeping up with my life know that I’ve been searching for an internship since October. Thirteen rejections later, I’ve finally secured a position! It looks like I’ll be spending my summer at Campus Crusade for Christ’s HQ in Orlando, Fla.


Now that we’ve established that… this brings up several new thoughts. I’d love your prayer (or wisdom, if you’ve got it!) in any or all of these areas.

1. Support raising. $2500 by June 7… ready, set, GO!
2. Intern for credit. I’m meeting with my adviser on Monday to discuss this possibility.
3. What’s next? My lease will run out while I’m in Florida. I’ve got to decide if we’re renewing through the fall. Is it worth a couple thousand dollars to stay in Tuscaloosa when I won’t even be on campus? Will my roomie move back to California if I leave town? Will I get a fall internship? The questions – and possibilities – are numerous.

This journey of faith continues… 🙂


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  1. mb

    Congrats on the internship.

  2. no pressure on #3 😉

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