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I promised a couple (literally) of you a transcript of my interview with Tara Leigh Cobble… so here it is! More power to you if you actually read the entire thing. It came out to just over 18 pages single spaced – almost 9,000 words long. (That’s why I referenced Dave Matthews’ “Too Much” in the subject line – could I talk any more?!) We’re password protected here because I don’t want anyone ganking my quotes for their own uses.


CJW: Alright, I’m going to record you and I’m going to sit it over here so it’s a little bit closer to you because I can make out my own mumbling better than I can other people’s.

TLC: Good point. Would you like me to sit closer to it or rub it against my face?

CJW: Well you could if it made you feel better but I think we’ll be okay. (laughs) Okay, I’ll try to go somewhat quickly so we don’t take up too much time. First of all, background info. I don’t want to dwell too heavily on that because I read the different things, the articles you have linked to on your Web site, so, but I haven’t read them in the past week, which I probably should’ve done. So, is your family musical?

TLC: Yes. My dad used to play the banjo professionally, and everyone sings and plays instruments and things like that. No one does it for a living, but they’re all very musically inclined.

CJW: Okay, so you grew up in that kind of atmosphere, then. Did you have lessons or did you just…?

TLC: I took – I was in choir, which kind of serves as voice lessons, but not really. I took a few guitar lessons. The guitar teacher was really into smoking weed (laughs) so I quit after not very long. So that sort of helped me get my starter’s chops. Then mostly just self-taught, hanging out with musicians a lot. I sort of put myself in places like Guitar Center, in the guitar corner where the guy who’s the guitar tech is walking around showing everybody things. Sort of, “Teach me something!” Sort of impromptu lessons I guess.

CJW: Probably a little bit cheaper, too! (laughing) What are other interest that you have?

TLC: (laughs) I’m like, should I be honest?

CJW: You should be honest.

TLC: I like hunting. I like the outdoors, camping, politics, voting… I also like… I really like the 2:28 and hunting. (laughs) And shoes. I like shoes a lot (laughs). And Conan O’Brien – I love Conan O’Brien! If there’s one thing I try to do every day, it’s watch Conan O’Brien for a few minutes.

CJW: That’s funny. How many pairs of shoes do you have?

TLC: Maaaaaybe fifty. Not as many as I would like to, but maybe fifty. Two closets’ worth of shoes, plus a rack on the inside of my closet.

CJW: What’s your favorite pair of shoes?

TLC: I got these new black stilettos with the really pointy, pointy toes. They’re so cool. You can wear them with a skirt or with Capri pants or with jeans – all kinds – they’re so, just so diverse. You can put them with anything.

CJW: Are they comfortable? (laughs)

TLC: No, not at all! They’re really, really uncomfortable. But I love them! They’re super girly. I almost wore them today, but it was too cold outside.

CJW: Well, I brought flip flops and these (gestures at chunky heels) with me, so…

TLC: Those are the best choice for today. They cover the most foot flesh.

CJW: And these are old, beat up shoes – I’ve had them for almost five years.

TLC: I was noticing them earlier and I like them.

CJW: Well, thank you! I like them too, they’re from Sears.

TLC: I like the ankle strap. Sears has some good shoes.

CJW: They do, you just have to pay attention.

TLC: There’s a great store here in Nashville called Off Broadway.

CJW: (in a sing song voice) Note to self…

TLC: It’s not actually off Broadway, unfortunately. But if you ask anyone where the roundabout is – the roundabout with the naked music statue – that’s where Off Broadway is. Great shoes there.

CJW: Now I don’t have very much room in my closet for shoes so I try to keep it to a minimum. I could probably use some of Alisa’s closet space. Her closet’s huge.

TLC: You could store things under your bed.

CJW: Well, I already have stuff under my bed. (giggles)

TLC: Oh, well, never mind.

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