What am I darlin’?

I have a friend who is relatively new to me (as compared to others I know). Like so many other people I’ve befriended in the past year, we met at a concert. We converse mostly by e-mail because we live several hundred miles apart, but we do hang out when in the same city.

Oh, and said friend has released two CDs and will have a third to her name in June.

The thing is, Tara Leigh Cobble is as regular a person as Alisa Lauren Smith or Brandon James Cozart. She’s funny, she’s laidback and she’s not pretentious. These are all qualities that I appreciate in a friend, though I may not always possess them myself.

Truth be told, I have a number of interesting friends. Take my roommate, for example. Alisa’s job may not be as “glamorous” on the surface as Tara Leigh’s, but it too is infinitely fascinating.

Alisa spends an average of seven hours a day working at a Christian bookstore. I’ve never done well as a retail employee; I have too many opinions and too little stamina. But this roommate of mine spends hours standing on her feet, and rarely does she come home to complain. (By way of contrast, after standing at a fantastic concert for three hours, I’ll sleep extra hours.) She adores her co-workers and she’s always bringing home some interesting book from the shelves of GSH. I have an idea that these things, along with her friendly demeanor, make Alisa a dang good employee.

What about Chrissy? She works double duty, busting her tail (and entertaining me on IM) as an office employee by day, but making the “big bucks” at night as a bartender. A single day in Chrissy’s life probably consists of more intensive labor than I’ve exerted in most of mine. But she works hard to live a worthwhile life. It looks like that life will be taking her to Ireland in the next year – she’ll be working as a missionary in some creative arts ministry positions. I can’t wait for her to leave so I can hear all about the ways God is using her unique gifts.

When I’m in need of entertainment or I just want to be impressed, I need not look further than my family. Cristin is an actress who is always “on” – her antics will bring you to the ground in laughter. Cheryl is the moody artist. I’ve got a sketch of hers framed on my living room wall. Chad daydreams of being a scientist and cartoonist, as well as of the day he’ll be big enough to wrap his arms around that abandoned guitar of Cheryl’s. Neither talent nor personality are lacking among this bunch.

The moral of the story is that having CDs with your name on them or even spying your byline in a newspaper or magazine does not make you a more worthwhile person. (Tara Leigh will attest to that – check out her journal entry entitled “Rolling Up the Red Carpet” on 120103. I need to remind myself of that whenever I get excited about my tiny byline in a university paper.) The intricacies of the people I know are a blessing to me, and I only hope some of their humility rubs my way.

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  1. Chrissy

    Wonderful, Jeans. Thank you so much for what you said. You made me tear up a little. 🙂

  2. That’s cool – I didn’t know you knew her, but I figured you must know her at least a little to have made the Nashville trip. 😉

  3. Did you put Brandons name on here in hopes he’ll update his blog? 😉

    (hey, my name next to Brandon and Tara’s is pretty dang coolness)

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