We were just wasting time/ let the hours roll by

I’ll admit I was running a bit late this morning. I rolled over at 7:36 to hit snooze for the fifth time – and realized that it was the fifth time, and I’d better get out of bed already. I spent less time than usual on my hair and make up, and was in the car by the time that I should’ve been in class.

I parked my car in a one hour space at 8:22. With a review in one hand, I shuffled off to class, reading all the way. (Multi-tasking is my specialty.)

I finally strolled into class around 8:28. I figured it was better to be late than not to show at all.


Two of my classmates were talking at one of the computers. Otherwise, the room was empty.

“Um… what am I doing here?” I asked, confused.

“He told us about his retirement, to sell ads and write stories and then left,” they explained.

I looked at the clock. “Yes, it was only five minutes,” one of them said.

“Well, at least I’m out of bed and can be productive for the rest of the day…” I said, attempting to look on the “bright side.”

The dark side exists, of course. I’ve spent $1200 on this class and learned next to nothing. (I know some might argue about putting a price on education. But the university does just that, and it comes out of my checking account twice a year.) This is a subject that I truly wanted to learn about, and I’m disappointed that I’ve been cheated out of that experience.

But y’know… at least it puts me three hours closer to graduation.


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4 Responses to We were just wasting time/ let the hours roll by

  1. Your almost done! Hey, on your last day of this class I’ll get up with you early and we can get coffee – hows that?

  2. THAT would be AWESOME. 🙂

  3. Hey … I resemble that remark.

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