Highlights from my weekend

I wanted to let y’all know that my computer is broken, so I may not offer to entertain y’all for a few days.

However, I did want to mention that I broke my four and a half year dating fast yesterday. (Okay, okay – it’s not a fast if it’s not intentional. 😉 I know that. But it’s so much more fun to be obnoxious and say it that way.) The hoops were present, albeit in their smaller form. I had a nice afternoon with this guy, but I doubt we’ll be going out again. He was friendly enough… but eh. I’m not chomping at the bit for another date.

On the other hand, Alabama did win yesterday – both in football ( 😉 ) and basketball! Roll tide roll!

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  1. Hoo-ah. Congrats, CJ.

    The power of the hoops is strong with you. Sounds nearly as powerful as “the vibe.”

    Alabama is messing up my bracket. I may have to hold you responsible. Just to let you know.

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