Honey, I’m a prize and you’re a catch and we’re a perfect match

The hoops certainly worked their magic today.

As it happened, Alisa and I were right on with our decision to find Nickel Creek. We intended to park it at a nearby coffee shop and work while we waited for the band to make an appearance. I figured that they’d drop by, since they’re coffee lovers who are anti-Starbucks.

I was wrong on one count: they didn’t just “drop by.”

As we slowed near the shop in search of a parking space, Alisa exclaimed, “I think I saw Chris setting up his laptop!”

We parked behind the building and hurried in, anxious to see if she was correct. I thought we were merely playing games, up until the point where she whispered “there they are!” after we crossed the cafe’s threshold.

But when my eyes adjusted to the indoor lighting, I saw Chris Thile and Sean Watkins across the room. After we ordered our drinks and spread out at a table, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood and approached them, and from there we chatted with the fellas for ten or fifteen minutes.

Hours later, I whispered to Alisa, “I’m sure glad we decided to dress cute today.” (Sean and the band’s road manager, Fielding, were still just several feet away.) And cute we were, indeed, in our skirts and tank tops. (Alisa’s skirt was long and flowered and her tank top blue; my skirt was shorter with a blue pattern, and my halter top was white.)

After I finished the article I was writing, we returned home, still jazzed from the afternoon. I was supposed to attend a play (for class) before the evening’s concert, but I went ahead and dressed for the show. I donned my “going out” jeans and borrowed one of Alisa’s cutest tank tops. With my make up freshened and my hair pulled back, I set out for the play.

Unfortunately (?), I found the theater a bit too late. There was no seating after the show started, and I was five minutes past that time. So I instead, I bid my time until the Nickel Creek concert by allowing those hoop earrings to get me into more trouble.

Yep, I got digits and plans to meet up with a certain fella sometime in the near future. Okay, okay – it’s not as exciting as I make it sound. But there’s possibility there, and I may just follow where (if) it leads. 😉

Yes, the hoops were successful – so much so, in fact, that I’m reluctant to take them off.

Tonight Alisa and I discussed – briefly – our freedom in singleness. I was checking out a cute guy across the room (who I think ended up standing next to me during the bus-side concert). I’d remarked to her, “We’re so bad,” and she corrected me. “No we’re not. We’re enjoying our singleness. Is it wrong for us to talk about cute guys because ‘that’s not what Christian girls do?'” Interesting thoughts, no?

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  1. I’ll be praying for you two 🙂

    CJ and Alisa feeling freedom in singleness? How could this be?

  2. Oh, by the way, I expect a detailed report waiting in an AIM window on my screen when I get home tonight.

  3. You need a man.


  4. are you hitting on us Peter?

  5. Yes, Alisa. Let me be forthright in my intentions. I would like to court each of you. We would alternate days of the week, otherwise following Josh Harris’s model, obsessing over every miniscule detail. We will break up sometime in June. This will create awkwardness and tension, spilling over into our mutual friends. Then I will immediately begin dating one of your friends.

    Sound agreeable?

  6. Peter, thank you for your kind offer. We will have to think and pray over that, pray pray pray. We might get back to you by May. Thanks for your interst.

  7. Peter, have you spoken with both of their fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, and first-cousins-once-removed? I am concerned about your haste in this matter.

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