84,000 Different Delusions

DixieMedley: We’re so stalking the band today. I told Alisa my plan and she’s all for it
Susan: lol
Susan: yay for stalking the band!
DixieMedley: Heck yeah. 😀
DixieMedley: Oh Seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan… NOTICE ME!
DixieMedley: or somethin’. 😉
DixieMedley: I have to decide what to wear.
Susan: you just have to be all casual-like if they come into the coffee shop
DixieMedley: Oh yes.
DixieMedley: Eye them for a second. Whisper to Alisa “there they are! There they are!” check my reflection to make sure I haven’t sprouted a new zit or got coffee all over my face.
DixieMedley: Then calmly cross the room and introduce myself.
DixieMedley: The music will swell.
DixieMedley: (of course, it’ll magically change from the new rock station to something more romantic.)
DixieMedley: I’ll shake hands with Chris, then Sara.
DixieMedley: And then I’ll turn my attention to Sean.
DixieMedley: I’ll smile.
DixieMedley: Coyly, of course.
Susan: oh, how I want you to blog this 🙂
DixieMedley: And when I introduce myself… he’ll melt.
DixieMedley: What will my opening line be?
DixieMedley: “You sang me to sleep last night, Sean. But I was in dreamland before those final notes… wanna try again?”
Susan: LOL
DixieMedley: I’ll blog it… but the cops might come after me. 😉

I am so kidding, I promise! Except for the part about studying all day in the coffee shop… I gotta get ready to go. 😉

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  1. hey, I can use the line of ‘im from carlsbad!’

  2. This reminds me of running into Sandra at Fido’s. Ben played that real cool.

  3. Oops…. so things didn’t happen QUITE like that… 😉

  4. Matt

    84,000 Different Delusions is a Shawn Colvin song, do I win some kind of prize or something?

  5. I need more Shawn Colvin. I’ve been intending to look into purchasing her CDs for a long time now….

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