Ah, spring.

I’m spoiled rotten.

As I drove home from class earlier this week, I spotted daffodils growing alongside a nearby fence. I sported a wide grin that lasted as I drove the final couple of blocks home and climbed the stairs to my apartment.

I'm in love!

The next day, I noticed that my entire “neighborhood” (if you will) was covered in flowers. Daffodils had been planted in several locations, pansies were abundant and various other blooms popped up at random.

Isn't it charming?

Spring has come to Alabama. I’m thrilled. 😀

But wait – the story gets better! I went with a couple of guys to pick up my roommate from the airport last night. She had promised me some sort of surprise from California. All I knew was that it was fragile, so when she handed me a Starbucks bag, I was kind of confused.

“Open it,” she urged.

I pushed back the paper to find five bunches of daffodils. 😀 She’d purchased them that morning and carried them across the nation for me. How did I get such a great friend?!

Following some crazy rain dancing in the parking lot, I divided the flowers into a variety of vases. They’re now scattered about our apartment, and I beam whenever they catch my eye. The bunch that has opened the most so far is in my bedroom. 🙂

Morning beauties

Oh, but you thought my flower-inspired ramblings ended there? No sir!

I took a walk to the mailbox a few minutes ago, because what I had to send wouldn’t fit in ours. Whoever thought I should have a digital camera just caused the world tons of trouble. (Thanks, Mom!) I’m sure that passers-by found me a bit strange as I sat in the road and on the sidewalk, capturing images of these flowers to bring smiles in days yet to come.

Ah… spring.


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  1. At least you know you’re spoiled. 😉

    I noticed today that spring has sprung here. I was driving home with the windows down and could get a hint of honeysuckle on the wind. Kinda nice.

  2. OK..I’m a geek. I have a huge smile just reading this post. Daffodils just make me so happy. Yay for awesome roommates and spring and flowers.

    And I like the picture next to the vase of flowers. 🙂

  3. It is snowing like crqazy here!!! 👿

  4. GEEZE I can’t type.

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