Sacrilege or sainthood?

You think the sound of Bible pages turning is nice? Try the sound of ripping them out.

Okay, just one page – and before you get your panties in a twist, I should probably explain myself.

It seems that I’m too hard on my Bibles. It’s not that I read them too much (I only wish that were the problem!) – they just have a tendency to fall apart on me.

The pages of my Bible have separated from the binding. The last two pages of maps split from one another, leaving the innards of the book’s bonded leather cover exposed. I’ve had this particular Bible for just under two years. I promise you I haven’t read it that much.

Actually, this is the second time I’ve had a Bible fall apart on me. Two years ago, the end of Revelation fell out of my NIV Student Bible. I was extremely disappointed – that’s the best part! That’s where we win! The deterioration of that text lead to the purchase of my NIV Thinline (eggplant in color. I thought I was so original, and then Alisa came home one day with the exact same Bible! :))

When I realized that both are Zondervan products, I decided that they must be out to get me. Alisa brought home their customer service number for me. This morning, I finally remembered to give them a call in an effort to straighten things out.

That straightening took no longer than the amount of time I spent on hold. After reading the ISBN to the customer service rep, he asked for my name and address. “You’ll receive a replacement Bible in 6-10 business days,” he informed me.

The process was so easy, in fact, that all I’m expected to do in return is to send them a thin piece of paper with the reason for the replacement written on it.

As I ripped the requested title page from my Bible, I thought, “Surely Zondervan deserves a shout-out.”

Customer service in exchange for destroying a small part of the Bible? Whatever works. 😉

(And before you get up in arms about that, realize I am being faceitious. It’s a title page! And a book, for goodness sake – not the actual word of God. Respect it, yes, but I don’t deify it. ;))

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  1. Heh. I write in my Bible, which many people consider to be disrespect.

  2. My navy NIV Thinline is keen. I’m very pleased with it.

    Good customer service is a rare thing, even in the bible business. Remember “Big Dan” Teague from “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” Exactly.

  3. Steven

    If Zondervan is out to get you, you’ll certainly know when you get this Bible.

  4. my Message Remix Bible was falling apart. So I duck-taped it.

    All of it.

    Well…all of the cover.

  5. 🙁 were not going to have matching bibles anymore!

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