Tell me that I’m smart enough to deal with all the information

Perspective is nice.

I’m spending most of the weekend in Troy, Ala., at the SouthEast Journalism Conference. Of the fourteen of us in the group, I am the oldest female and the staff member with the most “advanced” academic standing. Thus, the other staffers have taken to calling me “Grandma” – even though Jon’s two months older than I am.

As I’ve mentioned several times recently, the past couple of weeks have been stressful and drama-filled. My emotions have been all over the place for a number of reasons. I treated myself to a carmel frapp from Starbucks (okay, Starbucks in Target) yesterday as a reward for making it through. Emotionally, I’m pretty fragile right now.

For that reason, if nothing else, this weekend has been good for me. I’m hanging out with a bunch of people that I didn’t know at all before yesterday. I’m making new friends, I guess. I’m taking my mind off of the stresses around me (for the most part… it’s hard to forget about internships when you’re at a journalism conference!)

Let’s back off the drama and focus on what matters… whatever that may be. At least, that’s my aim.

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  1. I also use Starbucks as a remedy for fragile emotions. 😉

    Have a fun weekend, twin!

  2. So, like, I have to be nice to you? Damn.

  3. Sometimes perspective and new people is just soooo good…

  4. yay! Im glad your having such a fun weekend! It sounded like it when I called yesterday! But you need to come home. Because… uhhh…. Emma misses you!

  5. Wow, I check in again today and people are actually reading what I post from Troy State. Amazing!!

    After I left the library, I discovered that the student union – type place proudly brewed Starbucks coffee, so I had a caramel machiatto. It wasn’t as good as REAL Starbucks, of course, but it satisfied anyway.

    And I had steak for dinner last night. Courtesy of the University of Alabama. 😉

    Leesy, I’ll be home in 7 hours or so!

  6. Rus

    You’ve been in my prayers all week. Remember this: ‘By the inch it’s a cinch, by the yard it’s hard.’ I know, cheesy, isn’t it? Still, there’s some wisdom there. One moment, one hour, one afternoon at a time. And, of course, one frap at a time can lift the soul as well! 🙂

  7. “one frap at a time can lift the soul as well!”


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